Ramblings on gay marriage and homosexuality in general…

I don’t get the whole gay marriage thing.  Is it really something that one should use as a gauge (for or against mind you) to decide who to elect for president?  Really?  I guess the same goes for abortion (although with this issue a living being loses its’ life), should you really choose your president based upon one issue?  To clear my view on it, should gays be allowed to marry?  I really don’t care, but if a church says they will not perform the ceremony then the government needs to stay the hell out.

Back to the gay issue.  Anytime someone expresses an idea that goes against the gay agenda they are labeled a homophobe.  The last time I checked a “phobia” was an unreasonable fear.  I find this funny because if I think it is gross to stick your body part in someone else’s asshole that is not a fear.  It is an opinion that something is gross. Fear is not any part of it.

So, is being gay a choice or is it a perversion?  If it is a choice then I do not see it being a simple choice.  There is no way I could ever have sex with another guy.  There simply is no stimulation there when I view the naked male body or as a test have made myself think sexual thoughts involving another guy. But I have to wonder, can a gay man have sex with a woman?  I really do not know the answer there other than the evidence that there are several gays I know who were married or dated at one time and I assume they had regular sex with them.  Again, I don’t think I could fake being gay.

So if not a choice then I guess they are born that way?  This might be true, but my quick response to that is that people are born with all sorts of inclinations that prove to be abnormal or harmful to themselves and others.  Things such as dependency (drugs, drink, etc), gluttony, darker sexual perversions (child, bondage, snuff, etc) and if you believe one report, the need for religion.  Am I saying homosexual is evil, along the lines of drug abuse or child molesters?  No, no more than I am saying that gluttons are evil.


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