A thought about the Duck Dynasty thing….

Yesterday a firestorm was started when “Phil” from the popular Duck Dynasty show said some anti gay comments.  In particular he talked about a vagina being much more useful and attractive than an anus or asshole.  He also indicate his believe that the gay lifestyle could be a gateway activity to other things such as bestiality and worse things.  Finally he also mentioned that the gay lifestyle was a sin.

I think the big thing that is causing all the drama is the inference that the gay lifestyle leads to other things, some of which are illegal or detestable to everyone in general.  If that is all that people are upset about then I do not think I can blame them.  However, he has every right to say it.  I for one do not think being gay makes one a child molester or want to rape animals.

The other items, asshole vs. vagina and gay=sin are two things I agree with.  NOOOO, I don’t fear (homophobia) or H8 gays.  I have friends who are gay and I love them.  I just think what they do is disgusting, that being the insertion of a body part into an asshole where all the shit is. Just gross!  I don’t care if he is male/male or male/female, YUCK!  “Not tonight dear, I ate a bean burrito for lunch”.  Equally, the thought of two 400 pound people (male/female) having sex is GROSS!   Also being a Christian I agree it is a sin. And Christian or not, it is not a natural activity as it does not propagate the species.  Having said all that, it is their life and they can do what they want.  No one is hurt so I do not find it something to war about.

This is my opinion and I don’t care what you think….