Quitting John Scalzi and Whatever

Whatever is a website that is put out there by the science fiction author John Scalzi.  John Scalzi has written many science fiction books and has won awards for them.   Although there has been controversy over whether they were deserved or were simply considered best of a very mediocre field of books at the time has raged on in the past.  I have enjoyed his early books but found his books in the last 5+ years to be rather boring filled with the same type of characters from book to book.

Regardless of that, I started reading his blog at whatever many years ago shortly after he made it big with “Old Man’s War”, a good book by the way.  I realize the blogs sole purpose is to get his name out there and to generate traffic with which he could use to market himself.  The blog was filled with interesting tidbits about his life, the book industry and general discussion about various subjects.  While his ideology did not match my own and I found his logic flawed and slanted in many ways I originally never found it too critical or exhibit lack of tolerance for those who did not see eye to eye.  There were some posts like that, but they were not the main trend within the blog. For the most part it was all very respectful.

But over the years, the posts that focused on current events, particularly those that were controversial and related to his personal ideology became much more frequent.  This in and of itself was not too bad but then as those increased so did his attacks and sarcasm against those that disagreed increase, to the point of being juvenile.  Critics are often silenced in varying ways most notably by the original blog post being critical and demeaning of opposing thoughts up front.  Respect, objectivity and tolerance seem to have disappeared.

It has always been and will always be his blog/website.  He is free to be critical of whomever he wants and express whatever views he wants no matter how wrong or close minded it may be.  For me, I used to love to visit the site and read the posts and banter but once the negativity increased I had to simply turn away.  If you share his opinions and limited view on topics you will fail to see the problem.  I quit reading it about 8 months ago and I can say that I find that I do not miss it at all.   Since I have not bought a book of his for years and have found much better authors I find I have plenty of good science fiction to read as well.   For some real good science fiction I would suggest Peter F. Hamilton and Alastair Reynolds to name a couple.