For the love of dogs…

I guess I am what you would call a dog person.  I have had a dog in my live since I was a child.  I have nothing against other types of pets.  Cats for example are a popular pet.  I have never had a cat but have been around several particularly as a kid.  However, when I reached adolescence I developed a allergy to them and really cannot be around them long without a major reaction.  I imagine people who own cats or other types of pets enjoy them just as much as I do dogs.

But dogs have become special to me.  One of the greatest things I love about dogs is their unconditional love they have for their owners.  Nothing is better than coming home from work and no matter what is going on they get super excited to see you and love on you.  Our spouses and family love us too of course, but events and moods in their lives can mute how they respond to you.  Dogs never seem to have a bad day.  Dogs even can sense when you have had a bad day and many times they seem to do everything they can to lighten your mood.

Dogs love the attention, any attention, that you can give them.  They love to play whether it is tug of war, ball or just bouncing around playing with you on the floor.  They also enjoy just sitting still and letting you love on them while occasionally expressing their love back to you.  They do this in many ways, licking, rubbing against you or simply looking at you.  Speaking of looking at you, may times it seems they can look deep into your soul.  It is as if they understand you in ways that no one else can.

I have four dogs currently.  Two of them are big Labradors (90+ pounds, male and female) and then two Yorkies (9 pound male and 4.5 pound female).  The big dogs live together outside most of the time.  Fortunately our house lot is 1.25 acres so they have plenty of room and a nice two room dog house.  They run around and lay around all over the place together.  The male dog’s main purpose in life is to play fetch.  He loves it.  The female does is mostly interested in following him around and occasionally aggravating him to play until he finally caves in and chases her around the yard.  These two are more independent that the smaller ones which are inside dogs.  But they are content and enjoying life together.  When the weather is bad such as storms, all day rain, really cold or really hot (we are talking Texas) they will come into the house.  They also come in from time to time just because.  They enjoy the and seem appreciative of being let in during the bad weather but they are usually the first to want to go back out to their domain.

The two Yorkies are a different story.  They are inside dogs.  Both are 15 months old (within a week of each other) and they exhibit many of the same attributes as the big dogs.  Mainly, the male dog wants to play a lot although he has not fully learned to let go of the ball when he returns it but he will get there.  The female dog loves to thwart his attempts to chase the ball any chance she gets.  She likes to play as well but not nearly as much as he does.  When not chasing a ball he loves to chase her around the house.  Sometimes it takes a few attempts but he gets her going and she runs from him.  Because she is small she can go places that he cannot such as under the couch.  I think she likes taunting him because she will sometimes go under one and pop her head out from different sides to get him to run around.  When not playing, either with us or themselves they love to sit around with me and the wife and be loved on.  In the evening when things are quiet and the time gets closer to going to bed they love to lay on us and sleep.  Fortunately they are light enough that this is not a problem.

It is interesting to note the dynamics between the dogs.  They all four will acknowledge and play together.  But it is obvious that the big dogs are weary of accidentally hurting the little dogs. On the occasion that all four are together whether inside the house or outside they all get along and seem to enjoy each others company.  When they are separate and in their pairs (big outside vs little inside) it is very obvious that they depend upon each other and do things together.  Until about 5 years ago when I got the first two big dogs I had always only had a single dog.  Nothing against single dog ownership but it is interesting to see how dogs really like being in a pack together.

Anyway, that is my view on dogs.  I love dogs and I do not think I will every have a point in my life in which I do not have at least one with me.  I think they are great!